2013 / Nature / Travel

Return to Glacier!


IMG_0845Jon and I arrived back in Glacier National Park, for my second season with the Park Service, and his first as a Whitewater Rafting Guide with Glacier Raft Co. We are elated to be back in Montana, where everything is lush and green, the views are breathtaking, and the people friendly. We have our very own apartment for the first time ever (!) which is appropriately thrilling for us both. I am back in the green and gray uniform, and excited to be guiding hikes around this gorgeous park again.

It took us two and a half days of driving to get here, after leaving LA at around 12:30pm on the Friday of Memorial Weekend… talk about nightmare traffic. We spent a night camping at the KOA on the Las Vegas Strip – I didn’t even know that existed. Needless to say, Jon and I are not Vegas people, though we did double our money gambling at the Pink Flamingo! We started with $1 and cashed out when we hit $2.25 – biiiig money!

We arrived Sunday night, and started work the next day practically, so we haven’t had much down time yet. Jon is working on a post of his own about his Swift Water Rescue Training, so I’ll keep this short and sweet for now. I’ll simply say that now that we are no longer working 13+ hour days, we should have far more time for blog posts this summer, so keep checking back!


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