2013 / Hiking / Nature

Forays into the North Fork


Summer is already nearly half over here in Montana! Jon and I have been incredibly busy, but life is great. I finally got the chance to take Sunny and the Skamp out to camp up in the North Fork region of the park, at Kintla Lake. It was a rough two hour drive out a dirt/gravel road, and knowing this, Jon’s parting words to me weren’t “have fun” or “be safe” but “take care of my baby…” which I choose to interpret as a odd way of referring to me rather than the truck. He was on his own adventure up in the Upper Middle Fork of the Flathead River in the Great Bear Wilderness Area. He was taking “duckies” – small inflatable kayaks – down one of the biggest, gnarliest, whitewater rapid stretches in Montana. Lucky duckie.


Lake McDonald

I hiked the 3 miles along the Kintla Lake shore while two of my co-workers paddled up lake in an inflatable kayak. Along the way I munched on huckleberries and wild strawberries, which were sweet and delicious, among the largest I’ve ever seen growing wild. After we met for lunch, I swapped places with Sarah, and paddled back down the lake, while she hiked. My luck was such that we were paddling into the wind with 1+ foot swells the entire way… quite the workout. On our way back, we stopped in at the Polebridge Bakery, which is one of Glacier’s better kept secrets. Delicious cookies, even a vegan variety for the lactards like me!

It’s been a great summer of hikes, some together, many without him, as he’s been a busy raft guide, getting one day off a week at most. (which is why you haven’t heard from him in a while – he’s got a post brewing though, so standby!) In the meantime, enjoy these photos from my “office” the Lake McDonald/Apgar Village area of the park. Life’s a dream eh?

IMG_5436 (2)

Lake McDonald


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