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Downsizing (The Problem with “Stuff”)


Jon and I have a lot of “stuff” between us. Piles and piles of outdoor gear, clothing, toiletries, 5 or 6 first aid kits, etc. you get the idea. Tons of belongings, and a few duplicates from our respective lives pre-“us”.  Appliances from my love of baking and cooking, Jon’s climbing and canyoneering stuff. Now that we have our beloved “wild thing” to move into, even downsizing from our current one room studio apartment is a daunting task. I spent my weekend organizing and purging my belongings, figuring out what we’d need to have at our fingertips and what could be stored longer-term in the less accessible side pockets of the RV. I took about 3 trips from our current apartment over to where the camper is currently parked to start the process of moving in. It’s a bit like playing an elaborate game of tetris. I’ve been reading a few travel blogs to get ideas for how to store and contain our belongings without the camper becoming a disaster. Gone with the Wynns blog has been particularly helpful!

Any advice from the virtual peanut gallery out there would be much appreciated! We’re total noobs to this idea of full-time living in a camper, and would love any tips and tricks you folks might have.

On another note, Jon’s been teasing me that we are not “full-time RVers” like I have been calling us, but rather trailer trash since we’ll be parking it in one spot for months at a time before we pick up and move it to our next location for the next job. I disagree with him since there are “full-timers” out there who only move twice a year – once to their summer RV park destination, and once again to their winter park. We’ll be rolling at least as often as that if the last year of our life is any indication. So there.


One thought on “Downsizing (The Problem with “Stuff”)

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Unfortunately, I cannot meet up because I’m way behind on the blog and have already left the area… Maybe next time! Congrats on your new trailer – it’s about the same size as mine.

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