2013 / Camping / RVs

First Week With Wild Thing

(a lot has changed since this post was written, take a peek here to see the upgrades we’ve made!)


IMG_5558As I’ve spent the first few nights in her, I’m more and more convinced that we absolutely made the right choice! It’s been sooooo cozy. I’m getting us more and more organized as the days go on. Jon and I spent the first night together, then he took off for a three-day trip down the North Fork of the Flathead River, leaving me with the absolute disaster that results from moving two people’s mountains of stuff from a small apartment into a tiny trailer. *sigh* Actually though, it’s been fun nesting, and deciding where and how to put things to keep them organized and conveniently available.

IMG_5564I already love living in “The Cove” as the Glacier Raft Co. campground for their staff is called. Our social life has expanded since we left Park Service housing, with a few of Jon’s co-workers popping in within a half hour of us moving the last of our belongings into the camper. I have read on many other fellow travelers blogs that people experience the same thing – living in a campground setting seems to promote community and allows you to get to know your neighbors so much better than brick and mortar living.

As Jon and I enjoyed our first meal together in Wild Thing – kielbrats and potatoes, garlic, and carrots cooked in foil on our grill- we sat under the awning as it gently rained and congratulated ourselves on making this decision. The lifestyle we’ve adopted will keep us focused on the things that matter, and not spending so much money on “stuff”.  All in all, life sure is good.

IMG_5573 IMG_5577 IMG_5563


4 thoughts on “First Week With Wild Thing

  1. Good luck with your travels, your nesting and your organizing. I love organizing things in spaces as well. It’s very satisfying. Until someone puts something back in the wrong place! A bit OCD? Love your cover photo.

    • That’s certainly what I’ve been discovering! It’s the best of both worlds – the feel of camping with the comforts of home. And once we can sell our Skamper and scrape some cash together we’re going to re-build our original adventure machine in the back of Sunny the F150 so we can go on forays away from “home base”. Life sure is good.

      • It is the best of both worlds. I can only speak for myself but a camper will forever be a part of life. The only other thing I would consider living in is a tiny house. This is a great lifestyle! It’s not for everyone but it sure sounds like it is for us. Enjoy your adventures! I look forward to your tales.

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