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Trying to Get Off the Grid


We are looking into ways to modify Wild Thing so that we can be off the grid, aka dry camping, for long stretches at a time. We are looking at buying portable solar for our camping set up since our current plan to Campground Host at Mojave National Preserve for a few months this fall will be sans shore power. I’ve been doing my research and it seems to me that the Go Power! GP-PSK-120 120W Portable Folding Solar Kit with 10 Amp Solar Controller is a good choice. Anyone else purchase this panel and have an experience they’d like to share?

I am also, to Jon’s dismay, gung-ho about the idea of replacing our current RV toilet/blackwater tank combo with a composting toilet! We’ve yet to use our current RV “head” but from what I’ve heard, the dumping process (no pun intended) is really unpleasant. Nature’s Head seems to be the most popular choice out there for smaller toilets in a reasonable price range. This would dramatically reduce our water use, and free up some space down below for either another gray water tank or another freshwater tank, or maybe two smaller of each! Thoughts? Horror stories?

I know that the Wynns have reviewed both of these products, and seem to be fairly positive about their experiences with each. I would really appreciate input from anyone out there in the online peanut gallery who has experience with these products!

In other news, Jon built us a “deck” out of found wood, plywood, and some pallets. It’s vastly improved our outdoor living space at The Cove (the campground provided for employees of Glacier Raft Co.) He’s quite proud of it, and rightly so, for about $2 he got us a nice deck to hang out and enjoy the warm August evenings here in Montana. Knew I kept him around for a reason 😉

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One thought on “Trying to Get Off the Grid

  1. Don’t believe the hype on unpleasant dumping. Simple and easy. I have yet to get any sewage on me or be grossed out. We use a Sewer Solution instead of the standard slinky. http://www.sewersolution.com/ It works well except it is a little slower and needs a threaded water spigot. (Otherwise I have to jam the end of the dump station hose into my hose. Apgar up there was the worst so far.. water everywhere. 95% of the time it is fine)

    How often does one have to dump out the composting toilet? What happens if it is full before it is composted?

    How big are your tanks? I can give you an idea of how long they will hold before needing dumping or more water.

    The folks we are staying with here in Washington have a 200 watt portable panel that looks exactly like the one you posted. They love it. (That is in addition to the 400watts they have on the roof). They think it will come in even more handy this winter as the panels on the roof can’t be tilted and the portable one can be aimed directly at the sun.

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