2013 / Hiking / Nature / Travel

Huckleberry (Mis)Adventures


Last week Jon and I finally took a day off together to actually go for a hike instead of buying campers, doing chores, or going fishing. Hooray! The trail we chose was Cobalt Lake, over in Two Medicine, because we were told that the wildflowers were incredible. We hiked with a co-worker and friend of mine, Sarah. We personally found the trail to be underwhelming scenery-wise. (don’t get me wrong, its incredible just like the rest of Glacier, but nothing more special than the rest) The weather was uncooperative for our first shared hike in ages. The first half of the hike (all uphill) was totally muggy and threatening rain, on the way back, it alternately rained and hailed. Lovely.

As we reached the lake, we heard from others that a mother grizzly bear and cubs had been seen at the lake moments earlier. We arrived to a ruckus being raised by some visitors at the lake, shooing mother and young far into the brush. Oh well. Jon tried his hand at fishing the lake, but caught only a tree. He also went for a polar bear swim of sorts in the frigid water.

As we walked back down, we foraged for huckleberries. At first, popping them into our mouths as we walked, and later, collecting up to the allotted one quart each. We all got a bit crazed, as thunder and lightning and hail rained down, we foraged like animals, gathering as many of the sweet plump berries as we could fit into our containers. We made it off the trail eventually, and starving, made our way to the only half-decent Mexican food joint in town – Serrano’s. Jon and I impressed Sarah with our ability to clear giant plates of food in record time, and homeward we went, moaning, groaning, and slowly digesting. All in all, a successful day in Glacier.


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