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Looking Forward to Fall


Well Jon and I officially have our fall plans lined up! We are headed to Mojave National Preserve in Southern California, to become quite possibly the youngest campground hosts they’ve ever had. We’re embracing the RVer lifestyle to the fullest apparently! We will start early October, and stay through sometime in January. We’re looking forward to spending the fall in a remote corner of the California desert, and to exploring the incredible natural features there. We’ll also spend time staffing both visitor centers, and providing some public programming, as needed. I’m looking forward to a slower paced park, and learning about the Mojave desert in better detail.

We actually spent some time there early this year, while we were camping in Sunshine (our first rig) at the time, we were blown away by the beauty (and literally by the wind). We took the Barber Peak Loop Hike and hiked through the Rings at Hole in the Wall, which is incidentally the campground we will be hosting at. It’s a pretty remote site, with only water and sewer, no electricity, but that’s okay because our plan for this week once Sunny and the Skamp have been parted, is to purchase a solar panel to start generating our own electricity!

While it’s not a paying job (those have been extremely hard to come by in the National Park Service) we are really looking forward to volunteering our time in a new park, and we will get a lot of new experiences to add to our resumes, which can only help us to find jobs with $ in the future. Any fellow Campground Hosts out there willing to give us any advice for our first time? Any items you wish you’d purchased or had, or anything to avoid?

NB: you know the best part about having a blog? While I love that family and friends that can follow our travels and adventures, it is a joy to personally re-discover our past travels. Every time I read through the old posts, I’m transported back to the moment, to experience the fun all over again, as I did when I re-read about our New Year trip to the CA deserts, where we first encountered Mojave. Makes me realize I’ll never regret the posts I wrote, only the ones I didn’t.


2 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Fall

  1. I’ve been following your blog since I was first hired with NPS in June as in Interpretive Ranger at Death Valley National Park. Your posts helped me to understand what to expect before I arrived and I’ve loved reading about your adventures throughout the summer. I will be in the area until April and would love to share what I’ve come to love about the desert. Feel free to stop by the Furnace Creek Visitor Center or call me at (760) 786-3280 and ask for Ranger Laura Lynn. I hope the end of your seasons goes well and the move to the California deserts is enjoyable!

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