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Lazy Labor Day Weekend


IMG_5805Had a pretty nice weekend, Jon actually had a day off that matched mine – a rare occurrence this summer. We attempted a hike up the Highline Trail, a popular route leaving from Logan Pass. It was a hazy day, with ash and smoke in the air from fires burning far to the south and west of us. It was so heavy in the air, that my lungs began burning on the first uphill jaunt. Neither of us were very impressed with the day – haze made it hard to see the peaks, and the trail parallels the Going-to-the-Sun Road, which means the scenery isn’t exactly new. We both decided about a mile in, that we would much rather go fishing and relax on this crummy day, than slog through 11.6 miles with no view.

We promptly turned around and booked it off the trail, and instead fished the Middle Fork of the Flathead River for a few hours until drizzly weather and belly rumbles drove us home for dinner. Grilled cheese with bacon and guacamole was the dinner of choice for Labor Day itself, and actually it wasn’t until last night that we did the traditional Labor Day grill out with our friend and Jon’s co-worker, Cullen. Jon had to do barn work, cleaning and winterizing boats for the off-season, so yesterday I spent the day baking and puttering around the camper, cleaning and organizing. We are going to move her for the first time soon, to a local campground to dump and flush the tanks, then up to the “barn” at Jon’s work, so we can plug into water and power for the last two weeks of our time here in Montana. While it’s been an incredible summer, we are beginning to get very excited about the change of scenery, and visiting all our good friends in Moab on the way through to Mojave. Adventures await, just a few more weeks to go!

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