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It’s All Fall-ing Into Place


photo 1Fall has always been one of my favorite times of year, and at a close second is spring. I love the change that the shoulder seasons bring. In fall the air cools down, the light begins to cast more shadows, and the depth of the landscape pops with highlighted foliage. While the world outside is in transition, fall also means Leigh and I are transitioning as well.

Leigh has been doing a great job of keep you up to date with all of our recent events. Probably most notable is our new trailer! As fall closed in on us in West Glacier, our focus transitioned from making Wild Thing feel like home, to moving her down the road for the first time.  We made a few investments and a bunch of adjustments, and before too long she was road ready (we got a weight distributing hitch, and I spent a day dialing in the trailer brakes and airbag suspension.) We left Montana early in the morning just in time for a wind storm warning. Needless to say my first time towing our new home was a bit of a challenge with up to 50 mph gust sweeping the road, but overall it was easier than expected. We set our bearing toward Moab and made good time, staying one night at a friendly local Wal-Mart along the way. As we rolled into town the day before the government shutdown we both breathed a sigh of relief through the walky-talkies we use while on convoy. We were happy to be back in the place our story began, happy to be amongst old friends, and happy to have made the first step in our fall transition, but like the variable and unpredictable weather usually associated with fall we are now socked in and stuck here in Moab by a Congressional shit storm.

IMG_6239Because Congress lived up to their dismal reputation and the government is shut down, our latest gig is on hold. It’s like the groundhog came out of his hole, and spooked by its own shadow, demanded we spend 2 extra weeks in Moab. In reality for Leigh and I, being stuck in Moab is like a 10 year old locked in a Toys-R-Us (We really can’t complain.)  The original plan was to leave Utah today and travel even further into the desert to the Mojave National Preserve in Southern California. We landed a volunteer campground host and interpretation position at Hole-in-the-Wall campground and visitor center.  Although it doesn’t pay well (or not at all) we are looking forward to a change of pace and to a new experience, not to mention the honor of being the youngest campground hosts in history (fact not verified.)

photo 2

Over the last few months we have been summoning our inner Ed Abby, preparing ourselves for our own version of Desert Solitaire. What this new adventure will bring is yet to be determined and when it will actually begin undetermined as well, but we are excited to take it on. It will be the culmination of our fall transition and of our most recent and much bigger life transition as we will further settle into our new home and traveling lifestyle. What comes after the Mojave is still unknown but by then we will be nearing spring, the flowers preparing for bloom, the mountain snows readying to melt, the birds, bears and bees planning their summer forays, and Leigh and I getting set for the next transition.

photo 3 IMG_6248 IMG_6245 photo 5


4 thoughts on “It’s All Fall-ing Into Place

  1. How exciting about the camp ground host adventure and I hope congress gets off of their butts soon so we can all enjoy our national parks and camp grounds.
    What beautiful places you have been and what wonderful places to have an adventure.
    Looking forward to following you where you go from the photos you post here on WP.

  2. your blog definitely inspires me and my wife. After our wedding we are heading on a 7 month adventure in a travel trailer. Any words of advice from some pros that have been doing it longer then we have?? hahah

    • Congrats! We haven’t been doing this all that long, but we have found that with space at a premium, things with multiple uses are valuable, and wall space is space worth tapping into. Jon has a post in progress about some of the modifications we’ve made recently that are making life better! Best of luck!

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