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Trouble in Paradise


Jon is never allowed to go on vacation without me again. Kidding… sort of. It’s like the camper was just waiting to spring open a can of worms until Jon flew out of state, though more likely, it was the weather. It all started when the first raindrops fell. Plink. Plunk. Plop. Suddenly, the land of little rain was running with tiny rivulets of freezing water, all over Banshee Canyon, all over my little trailer. Luckily, I have some RVing pros living next door. Our co-hosts Tom and Sue busted out extension cords and graciously let me plug Wild Thing into their generator after the first day of rain left me sitting in the dark. No sun = no solar power for me. Since they had just solved their heater problems, I also got my hands on a Mr. Heater Big Buddy propane heater, which helped immensely to warm the camper – though left me frightened of carbon monoxide poisoning despite the label saying it was “safe for indoor use.”

So now I was warm, dry, and well lit, though running on little sleep from my nightmares of dying in it.  Cue the refrigerator check light at 7pm last night in the freezing pitch black. Must be the propane tank I thought, despite the fact that only a day or two before his departure, Jon hooked up the large tank, which was totally full. Hmmm…. well I did bake a lot the first night he was gone, and the furnace were all running more than usual without his warm body to help me heat the space. Also, long hot showers are divine on cold nights so maybe I had managed to empty a tank?

Outside I go, lantern in frozen little hands, and try to wrestle the full tank over to attach it to the other side of the propane hose. Damn thing WILL NOT screw on. Cue frustrated noises and some profanity. Finally I ignore a childhood’s worth of “lefty loosey, righty tighty” and screw the tank on the other way. Success! Which idiot thought that would be funny to do to poor unwitting amateur camper owners like myself?!

Okay, inside I go to turn my fridge back on. Still no dice. Allllrighty, phone a friend – Sue and Tom suggest that perhaps I need to purge the line of air, simply run the stove top for a few minutes. Hot tea in hand, I try again on/off… on/off… on/off damnit! No again.

Back into the cold dark night, this time to try and look at the guts of the refrigerator. Maybe rodents are nestled in the starter? No. Maybe water got into the area? Kind of, but not enough to warrant no flames. Shit. Unplug the 120V, re-plug. Back indoors. On…. yes!!!!!!!! I am a golden camper goddess, I have fixed the fridge, who needs men any way!

4am. Click. My eyes fly open, dread fills my heart. I peer around the corner and NO NO NO. Check light is back on. Sob into pillow. Get out of bed, turn the damn thing off, and slink back to bed admitting defeat for the night, but still sleep doesn’t return.

In the light of day, turn to the internet, purveyor of solutions. Old batteries + cold weather, could this be the fatal cocktail? Luckily for me, parents are headed out today to visit for an early Thanksgiving meal. Coerced them into stopping at an RV shop along the way to pick up some shiny new batteries for the camper – thank you early Christmas gift! They should be here any minute now, will you cross your fingers for me?

Anyone else in cyber space have this problem with a circa 1997 Dometic Refrigerator? It works on 120V but not on gas, which is what we run it on 99% of the time… I am open to your solutions, wisdom, humor and advice.


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