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Things to be Thankful For


image_4Last I left you, we were hoping batteries would be the ticket to solving my on-again off-again fridge problems. Sunday afternoon, my parents rode in on white horses with their armor shining, and delivered two gorgeous brand new Interstate batteries. In they went, and with fingers crossed we turned in for the night. 11pm, I heard the dreaded little click. I peaked at the fridge and sure enough the light was back on, glaring at me with a beady yellow eye. Damnation.

The next day we woke up and went outside to take a look inside the refrigerator panel and see what we could discover. As we began to dig in to the panel in search of obvious problems, our friend and co-worker Therean showed up to see what was what. He offered some ideas and input, and provided some electrical tape when we discovered that an insulated wire from our igniter had fused to our copper thermocouple. Yikes. We lit her back up and waited for a bit.

image_3Finally when it seemed as if we had perhaps solved the problem, we headed over to the dorm building to use their fridge, oven, and stove to prepare our Thanksgiving dinner. We did so a few days early because I knew I would be working today since Thanksgiving is a busy week here at Mojave… (though we’ve had 2 visitors in the last hour… busy is a relative term out here) Mom handled the bird since I’ve only been eating meat for about 5 or 6 months, having been a vegetarian for 6+ years before that. I cooked the sides. We had such a wonderful and relaxing day, and I tried to ignore the little voice in my head that said the fridge problems were probably not over with yet, the light hadn’t turned on when we left after all. Dinner was perhaps one of our best in years, and since we’d made enough for Jon despite the fact that he is still in Wisconsin, we fed another co-worker of ours, Andy, who was working with the archaeology team while on sabbatical from his teaching work.image_5

When we walked back up to the camper door I had all fingers and toes crossed, but the evil beady eye was there again staring at me. We decided enough was enough and it was time to haul Wild Thing into town for some professional help. Now mind you, Jon is the ONLY one who drives the trailer, and even though we’ve had her since July, we’ve only towed her about 3 times, so I was a tad nervous (read a total stress-case). Luckily, I had my parents here and with Thanksgiving out of the way, I think they were actually excited to have a project to work on, given that they aren’t really desert people. We hooked up the hitch, battened down the hatches inside so nothing would break on the rough and tumble desert roads, and away we went. While I drove the first 10 miles at 30mph, I slowly got more comfortable with how long it took me to break, and what the weight of the camper felt like. By the time we go to Interstate 40, Camper Goddess was in control, and we flew down the highway at a steady 55-60mph!

imageI rolled into town, and we went straight to Mohave RV Repair in Fort Mohave, AZ. Our co-hosts, Tom and Sue, recommended them. They’re veteran RVers and they said Mohave RV was one of two RV repair shops in the nation that they trusted to work on their rig. Good enough for me, so there we went. They were able to squeeze me in despite having no appointment, and this being their busy season (all the snowbirds are down in this region, so they get slammed with rigs needing attention). Our technician was Bee, and what a wonderful man he was! When we came back from our antiquing adventure, he was elbows deep in Wild Thing, and had replaced the circuit board with a “Dinosaur”, since our board was the original one put into the RV when it was built, circa 1996.

image_1He also looked at our hot water heater, since it had been getting scalding hot and locking itself out on occasion. Though he was scheduled to go on another job, he stuck with us, and by sunset we were good to go. Paula and Tracy helped us pick out items we needed for the rig to make life more comfortable. Everyone we interacted with greeted us with a smile. I found the folks at Mohave RV to be knowledgable, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure we were all set. Service like that is hard to find anymore, so three cheers for Mohave RV Repair!

Though today is officially Thanksgiving, I saw my parents off at 10am, and returned to work happy and thankful for everyone who helped make my Thanksgiving week a good one. Happy Turkey Day to all of you, and may you all be surrounded by the love and support that you deserve.


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