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2014: On the Road but Always Home


photo 2Leigh and I woke up this morning and set out for a quick but dirty hike up the Moab Rim. It’s a short hike to an amazing view but with an equally amazing change in elevations…

We arrived in Moab two days ago and are slowly coming back to life after a stint of what felt like suspended animations. We have spent the last few months positioning ourselves for another year of seasonal life. And as you can tell by our lack of posts it was a time consuming process, the kind of process I can best describe as sit and wait and hope. In the end and after many different emails, phone calls and job offers we are set up for another amazing year, one I hope we can repeat for a few more to come. So we are back in Moab the place we defiantly feel most at home. I will be going back to work at Arches after a year of being away from the Park Service.

IMG_2095This time though I will have my season split in two, working a few months in the spring and then finishing up a few more in the fall, leaving the summer open for 8 weeks devoted to raft guiding back in Montana. It will be a similar schedule for Leigh. Out of seemingly nowhere the Park Ranger gods came through for her and she too was offered a position at Arches. Her season will be a bit shorter here in Utah and come late May she will be back to her job in Glacier. The supervisors from both parks are working together to split her seasonal time between the two units, an awesome development she defiantly deserves. This means that our camper living lifestyle is going to be lived to its fullest this year.

photo 1

We moved into an RV park here in Moab and as spring turns to summer, and the going gets hot in the Utah desert, we will transition in two waves to the mountains and rivers of Montana.  And again as summer turns to fall and temps back slide in the north woods we will head back south to Utah where the desert will be cooling down to a comfortable level, all the while towing our home to and fro….

That hike we took this morning up the Moab Rim while steep pays off with one of the most dramatic views of the town of Moab itself. Cradled in a valley with the Colorado River carving through to the north and the impressive peaks of the La Sal Mountains to the south, it is obvious how immense the vast wilderness is that surrounds this pocket of civilization. The ration of human habitation to square miles in this desert country is what Leigh and I have both been sitting and waiting and hoping for. We are now home and back to our life.


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