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Spring Happenings


IMG_0976Spring is finally here in Moab! The last few weeks have been pretty nice out, and I returned from an overnight girl’s camping trip to find little green leaf buds on all the trees here in the campground we call home now! It’s one of the things I love about southern Utah, all 4 seasons are present, but the one I wasn’t raised with, winter, is pretty short and sweet. Jon and I got a few seedlings started for the community garden that is being planted here in the campground. I’m pretty excited to be growing our own food again! The last two years, we’ve had CSA or Community Supported Agriculture shares from Two Bears Farm. While I’m going to miss their awesome veggies, it’s going to be pretty great to grow our own.

Jon and I did a little canyoneering trip during our last week of forced vacation, also known as unemployment. We did a cool canyon called Leprechaun, over in the “Irish Canyons” off highway 95. It was a great route, with some gorgeous narrow sections, and it definitely did a number on our clothing. You try scooting through narrow canyon walls coated with mother nature’s equivalent of sandpaper! It was a blast, and I hope I get a chance to do more canyoneering this season, although Jon and I will not share the same days off now that work has started.

Speaking of that! It’s so wonderful to be back in the “green and gray” uniform of a Park Ranger again. For all the wool and polyester, it feels like a second skin to me. If anyone plans to come through Arches this season, be sure and stop by the Visitor Center to say hello!



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