2014 / Nature / Park Ranger / Summer

Summer Updates


Jon arrived in Montana a couple days ago, and it’s been a little weird being in the camper without him – I’m a bachelorette for the next month and a half while he gets a second season rafting whitewater under his belt during his time off from the park. I am happily working at Arches though, and this weekend I’ll get to fly home to California to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding!

Right before he left, we got the chance to borrow a friend’s boat and oar frame and Jon rowed me down the “Daily” stretch of the Colorado River, upstream from Moab. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and the river was running fairly mellow through the whitewater stretch. Our neighbor and friend Jessie and a co-worker of his joined us in a pair of duckys. It was so peaceful to just float and chat, drink some beers and snack. What a easy, relaxing day.

More from both of us soon, but in the meantime, I threw in a couple photos taken during one of my tours at Arches NP 🙂

IMG_2337 IMG_2339

IMG_2294 IMG_2293


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