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The Baja Adventure


image (1)The past few weeks, major changes to our winter plans have been afoot. We’ve decided not to return to Florida for a second season kayak guiding in the Everglades. It was an extremely tough decision to make and we didn’t come to it lightly, but the west has a solid grasp on our heart and even the magic of the glades couldn’t keep us east for long. We’ve been talking about spending a winter in Baja since we started this journey together, and finally after some hemming and hawing, decided to make that dream a reality. We have been busy assembling the pieces for a perfect Baja adventure set up, and we think we’re getting pretty close, working with what we have. We decided on the Subaru – usually our grocery-getter and my vehicle – as the Baja car. We picked up a simple, lightweight homemade teardrop camper in Missoula, and two gently used sea kayaks so we have license to roam the land and sea while we travel.

The plan for the next couple weeks is to winterize and store our “summer home”, and get the “winter home” ready to roll in Mexico. We’ve got some plans to modify the camper and need to get it all ready for the camping adventure ahead, so stay tuned.

More news and pictures of the set up to come, but in the meantime, cheers to following your dreams and breaking free of the comfort zone for places unknown! We couldn’t be more excited!


4 thoughts on “The Baja Adventure

  1. I wish you an enjoyable trip down the Baja! My husband and I travel it every year…escaping August and September (and this year October also due to health issues.) It is a truly wonderful trip and once through the hectic Tijuana and Encinada area, it’s so peaceful and beautiful…great for camping!

  2. Glad you checked out my blog about Steinbeck Canyon, and now I can follow your adventures. I have many posts about Baja and the desert islands, and look forward to your descriptions of the places you visit, many more on the peninsula side than we have explored, I’m sure. Buena suerta!

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