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A Christmas Story


This Christmas was, in keeping with our last four, non-traditional to say the least. Jon and I planned a week-long circumnavigation of Isla Espiritu Santo, a drop dead gorgeous desert island off the coast of La Paz. The paddle trip will definitely be the subject of a much larger post to come, but I wanted to share specifically the story of our Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve laying over on Reef Beach, a beautiful spot on the southeastern tip of the island.


We had a wonderful day lounging around in the sun, reading, writing in our travel journal and generally enjoying being marooned on a desert island. I spent at least an hour laying flat on my belly watching hermit crabs scuttle about in the sand while Jon fished. It was heaven.


Look closely for the hermit crab in the foreground!

The sunset was spectacular, and I walked up to a high point overlooking the beach we were camped on, and the next beach down to take a photograph of the sunset as it reached its peak. We actually had cell phone service at this particular campsite, so I took the opportunity to share the picture on Facebook, with a caption to the effect of, “it doesn’t get any better than this.”


Little did I know it was about to get much better!

As I hit the send button, Jon walked up to me and put his arms around my shoulders and we stood and took in nature’s Christmas gift. He whispered, “will you marry me?” and I whirled around in surprise and said, “for real?” he said, “yeah for real!” and I said, “YES!” Later, he knelt to the ground and put a shell on my finger in lieu of a ring, and with that we were “officially” engaged.


I think all little girls dream about how the man of their dreams will propose, and I’m sure that’s got to be a liiiiittle intimidating for a guy. Jon really must be the man I’m meant to be with, because he couldn’t have stolen the idea out of my head any more perfectly if he’d tried 😉


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