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Our Sunny Days

Most people reading this blog probably know who we are, being our friends, family and co-workers, but if you needed a reminder…   – J&L

This is Me and that’s Him –

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

I am Leigh – I’m originally from Southern California, though through my travels I’ve begun to feel I gather new places to call home as I go. I am a seasonal naturalist, educator, park ranger, and all-around nature enthusiast. I hold an undergraduate degree in Social Ecology and a Masters in Environmental Law. I’ve lived in California, Vermont, Maryland and DC, Utah, and Montana. I love to hike, kayak, paddle, read, cook, take pictures, and generally explore outdoors. I’m not a fan of heights, but with Jon at my side, I’m learning to rock climb and go canyoneering.

He is Jon – my fiancee, best friend, fellow adventurer, partner in crime, and the one that helps me push my boundaries daily. He is smart, funny, agile, stubborn, resourceful, a great cook, and a complete goofball. He makes everything seem possible.

Together we work seasonally as park rangers, naturalists, and guides blending work with our passion for the outdoors and sharing our love of the natural world with those around us. Though the life of a seasonal can be a bit of a patchwork employment process, we blend it together with traveling in our awesome adventure rig, which makes life pretty sweet.

This is Me and that’s Her –

Pure Awesomeness

I am Jon – A twenty-something life enthusiast. I have my roots in the state of Wisconsin; it’s where I was born, where I went to college, but where I live is harder to define, or at least keep track of. I have called some awesome places home over the last few years, and have visited some awesome places too. I have led a seasonal life; spending time in Oregon, Utah and stop overs in-between. My career has brought me into the National Park Service as an Interpreter and Educator. Wearing a flat hat and being called “Ranger” is when I’m most comfortable, but staying in the comfort zone is not what I’m about. Personally and professionally I like to step over the boundaries of reservation and into once in a life time adventures. Luckily I have found a girl who lets me do that, and even lets me drag her with me on occasion.

She is Leigh – A wonderful partner that is full of life, love and a unique openness. We met in Moab, Utah, one of the most beautiful places in America, and immediately we launched into the most beautiful partnership I could have dreamed of. Leigh is attractive, smart, funny and adventurous; she speaks her mind without hesitation and is there for comfort when she is needed. She knows her limits and lets me push them, and from pay check to pay check we live life with exceptional strength and love. She is my sunshine!


Fiery Furnace

Colorado River Trip Golden Gate Belly River Trip Alcatraz Mt. San Jacinto Escalante National Monument


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