The (New) Rig


We purchased a 1997 22′ Wilderness Travel Trailer by Fleetwood which we lovingly named Wild Thing. She has been home for about a year now, as of October 2014. She is a small, but comfortable and completely mobile home, which suits our lifestyle perfectly. She was fully functioning, clean, and in great shape when we got her. The interior was definitely a bit dated, being a ’97, and as we settled in, we wanted to make some cosmetic, as well as functional upgrades. Below are some before and after shots so you can see how we made her ours.

image photo image_1Here’s what we’ve accomplished since then. The medium blonde cabinet color was fine, but sort of 90s, and made the place look smaller and darker. So I went to town sanding down the finish and white-washed all the cabinetry, which really brightened up the place.


Next up was the front end. The original seating had a huge table which just ended up covered in flotsam and jetsam and made entering the camper feel squeezed and tiny. We donated the table and Jon built us a custom fold down table that took up less room, creating a comfortable sitting room feel when the table is closed. It also means that we have a desk space of sorts to work at a computer, paint, or write. It’s been super functional and comfortable. We also re-covered cushions and made some comfy throw pillows to go in front of the drawers to use the bench seats as a lounge.


Space for food storage was a problem for us, so we built a storage unit where before there was just a non-functional open space. Now we have a bar, pantry, and bookshelf. The items on the shelf obviously come down and store in my car during our moves, but since we aren’t regularly moving, just seasonally, that’s not inconvenient for us.


The old couch was just a built-in jackknife sofa bed. It was off-kilter, and uncomfortable. We went to Ikea and bought a couch to replace it that was a bit shorter than the space the previous couch had taken up. The great thing with Ikea is that furniture comes in pieces which meant we could get all the individual parts in our door, then built it inside. The extra space we gained became a side table, with storage underneath for cleaning supplies and our laundry hamper. The flatscreen tv was a Christmas present from my father. He bought us a swiveling mount to go with it, so we can watch movies and television in the living room or in bed 🙂

IMG_2258The last portion is still a work in progress. We tore down the old wall paper in the kitchen, but we haven’t yet found the right replacement, so in the meantime the kitchen wall is a little unsightly. We did add a knife magnet, which saves us drawer space and keeps our knives handy for cooking.


She’s still a work in progress, so stay tuned for more updates 🙂


5 thoughts on “The (New) Rig

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    • Ingrid, the tile you used is one of the two options we’ve been contemplating! We like that exact color palate, or the single stainless steel stick on ones to make some sort of pattern as well… thanks for the encouragement 🙂


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